PR & Promotion

Whether you are a well-known popular star on your market or a beginning artist, you need to communicate

with your target audience on its’ own language to be heard.

Timeless Arts provides PR and Promotion service packages to different types of clients and budgets with the focus
on core elements, such as:

  • Audience identification
    We provide your brand’s strategic roadmap depending on the information you’ve submitted and optimizing
    the communication channels you’re currently using with our own proposed solutions that may bring your brand
    better public awareness in our expert evaluation;
  • Key Messages
    Our experience shows that even if you’re successful with your core audience, sometimes you need to update
    your key messages to keep interest to your music product sustainable development. Our team is selected of
    high professionals who pay a great attention to better understanding of current global music industry trends
    and carefully transfer the best working practices into strategies of your own music brand.
    Our philosophy is focused on transparency, honesty and continuous growth of trust between an artist
    and its target audience.
  • Strategy and Tactics
    We work with “big idea” concepts. After your music brand has a set goal, identified audience groups and key messages,
    our promotion specialists will interpret these into efficient strategic concepts using modern tools and offering
    promotion campaigns for your music product that matches its unique characteristics individually.