Since years, Timeless Arts have been working together with Weltbild, BMG Ariola, Reader’s Digest, and other publishers, therefore you can find our own label – Royal Entertainment – on the old covers of co-production discs.

Currently, we are focusing on global trend of digitalization, and we recommend our clients to focus on digital streaming services that pay back in current music business framework.

Still, our label and artist agency is ready to provide layouts and designs for our clients that correspond with the image of an artist or a music band, including:

-Designing of cover pictures for digital distribution of single / album;

-Production of video clips and lyric videos for singers and music bands;

-Designing artist’s logos and elements of corporate styles for further publication
on artists’/ music band’s official website.

We are open for interesting proposals of advertising agencies and are ready to discuss your ideas and propose our
team’s professional solutions.