International Cooperation

Currently Timeless Arts is focused to find partrners for cooperation in music industry of Russia.
We are open to partnership with recording companies, publishers and artists and are ready to provide our
services and support with registering Russian artists’ songs in GEMA.

We also look forward to make an international 360-degree holding with our partners, music production and
educational network.

Our aim is to connect the music professionals and artists from different cultures and countries and bring value on international copyright protection on releases, to ease the bureacracy procedures and make foreign artists concert tours in Europe legal and transparent.

Our company’s slogan – “Borderless music” – describes our vision on how international cooperation works.
We are open to professional interaction with composers, music artists and bands, music publishers and digital distribution agencies worldwide.
Our experience and developed legal infrastructure allows our partners simply set the goals of cooperation and provide an evidence. All the rest take our professional team.

After receiving an information from you about the music product that needs any kind of promotion, post-production, or internationalization, we’re evaluating your proposal and are ready to discuss the cooperation conditions individually.

As a music publisher, we work with GEMA: more than 770 songs released by Timeless Arts are registered
by GEMA.

As a song-writer, Horst Haubrich has written over 2000 songs published in Timeless Arts
in close collaboration with leading record companies such as BMG Ariola, Sony, Polydor and East West Records.

Our own studios network is Q7 –

Also, we have educational partnership with School of Entertainment and Technologies, Institute of Music and Sounddesign – – within the educational holding Triagon (GmBH), comprising colleges and institutes on creative music technologies in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Russian Federation.

Currently we develop our educational and service partnerships with Great Britain (London Metropolitan University) offering industry-focused practical experience and knowledge-intensive bachelor program on Innovative Music Technologies, where we offer our students to sign a contract with our publishing and digital streaming services while study.

Our industrial partner that provides equipment and software for our studios network is SMM-Online –